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Your Path to Pure Bliss

Every person, at various stages of life, stands at a crossroads. A pivotal moment that holds the power to shape your future. 

It’s a universal experience, yet each journey is profoundly personal. 

Whether you’re navigating the..

🌊 Energetic waves of your 20s and 30s

🔄 Transformative shifts of your 40s

⚪ The powerhouse years of your 50s and 60s

💭 Reflective tides of your 70s

These intersections of life are both inevitable and impactful.

And it can feel pretty chaotic when change starts marching toward you…

So what gives?

When you find yourself in need of transformation…

It’s time to join a high-vibration community that will help you get there. 

A sanctuary where shared experiences, collective wisdom, and focused coaching come together to help you:





The Clarity Collective Mastermind

Your Path to Pure Bliss. When you find yourself in need of transformation… It’s time to join a high-vibration community that will help you get there. The Clarity Collective gives you the support, accountability, and feedback you need when it matters most.

Success Stories:
The Clarity Collective gives you the support, accountability, and feedback you need when it matters most.
Want All the Details?

As a member of the Clarity Collective, you’ll get…

☑️ Bi-weekly LIVE Group Coaching Calls with Dana Grant – Every 2 weeks, join Dana live to get the energy reset and advice you need. These calls are your internal rocketfuel, helping make every challenge feel doable and every goal closer.

☑️ Monthly 1-on-1 with Dana Grant – Once a month, get personal coaching with Dana. It’s your chance to get guidance tailored just for you, turning problems into progress.

☑️ Weekly Dana Grant Meditations – Every week, take a break and get centered with Dana’s pre-recorded meditations. Each week explores a new theme for you to meditate on.

☑️ 6 Monthly Workbooks – Get custom workbooks filled with exercises, reflections, and actionable steps to take as we progress through the mastermind. These workbooks engrain learnings, promote self-discovery and make sure what you’re learning translates into action!

☑️ Instant Access to All of Dana’s Training Resources – When you join, you’ll get all of Dana’s training materials anytime you want. It’s like having your own personal toolbox for any transformation you want to achieve.

☑️ Radical Gratitude Journal Ebook – Stay grounded and increase your vibration every day with your own gratitude journal.

☑️ Access to Private Online Community – Get access to a group of like-minded peers who are ready to support you through every twist and turn your journey brings. Lean on this community of superstars whenever you need to. We’ve all got your back!

☑️ 6-Month Clarity Call – At the end of your 6 months, you’ll receive a special 1-on-1 call with Dana to discuss your next steps based on where you’re at and where you want to go.

Ready for life-changing results?
Here’s what you’ll FINALLY be able to do in the Clarity Collective…

☑️ Get Moving – You’ll have renewed energy and drive to get things done and move toward your biggest goals. 

☑️ See the Magic – We’ll open the doors to your creativity. You’ll feel inspired and excited to explore different avenues in life.

☑️ Never Feel Alone – We’re your tribe for life! Inside the Clarity Collective, we forge deep and long-lasting friendships. 

☑️ Grow Every Day – You’ll be encouraged to step out of your comfort zone and seek opportunities for massive growth.

☑️ See the Good- You’ll become more aware of the positive things in your life and appreciate them more deeply.progress.

☑️ Feel Strong – You’ll be more in control and confident. You’ll trust yourself to face and overcome challenges.

How you'll get there:

Phase 1

Simplify It

Amidst the chaos, find your center.
We start by laying a solid foundation of self-discovery and clarity. You’ll gain a clear understanding of your current state, set realistic and achievable goals, and develop a calm, focused mindset that’s honed in on what truly matters to you.

Phase 2

Own It

Beyond mere survival, you don’t just exist, but thrive.
This stage is all about growth and acceptance. We’ll work on expanding your mental and emotional skills, rewiring your mindset, and overcoming roadblocks. This is where the seeds of focus start to bloom into tangible results

Phase 3

Claim It

You stand in your power and every dream is within reach.
This final phase is where you truly begin to soar. You’ll be equipped with the mindset, tools, and strategies to claim your power. Your life becomes filled with more peace, power, and pleasure than you ever thought possible.

This Program IS For You If...

✅ You’re at a crossroads and seeking transformative guidance.

✅ You feel overwhelmed by life’s chaos and are eager to embrace simplicity and empowerment.

✅ You want to thrive beyond just surviving and want to discover your true self.

✅ You are willing to dedicate time and actively engage in your own growth.

✅ You’re ready to tap into your creativity and confidently pursue your passions.

✅ You’re looking for a supportive tribe to help you achieve personal and professional breakthroughs.

✅ You’re ready to commit to the journey and put in the work needed for real, lasting change.

This Program Is NOT For You If...

 You’re looking for quick fixes or instant results without putting in the effort.

 You aren’t open to challenging your existing beliefs and stepping out of your comfort zone.

 You’re unwilling to commit time regularly to personal development and group sessions.

 You prefer to work entirely independently, and are more of a “lone wolf” type of person.

❌ You’re not ready to actively participate and contribute to a group learning environment.

❌ You expect change without being open to new strategies and perspectives.


With a successful history in business, coaching, and entrepreneurship, Dana is a professional change-maker. As a life coach, Dana has worked with some of the most respected professionals in multiple fields today. She’s helped hundreds of people transform their lives — no matter where they started from. With her rich experience and empathetic approach, she’s crafted a one-of-a-kind approach that transcends traditional coaching.

Dana is a Master Certified Life Coach, keynote speaker, podcast host, and the co-founder of Cali’Flour Foods, a multimillion dollar cauliflower pizza crust company that revolutionized healthy comfort food. As an intuitive coach, she helps you live a better, more authentic life.


I’m so excited to invite you to the Clarity Collective Mastermind! This group means so much to me. It’s a special place where I’ve brought together everything I’ve learned from my journey in business, counseling, and life coaching.

I’ve worked with many people, helping them change their lives for the better. Every story and every success has inspired me to create this mastermind. 

It’s a mix of all the good stuff – the lessons I’ve learned, the strategies that work, and the support everyone needs to truly shine.

But this isn’t about me! It’s about you.

I can’t wait to meet you, to learn about your dreams and to be a part of your journey to make them come true. 

Together, we’ll create something amazing.

With light and love,


Because of the highly personalized approach, spots in the Clarity Collective are limited. 

We prioritize quality over quantity, ensuring each member receives the attention, support, and guidance they need to grow and thrive beyond their wildest dreams.

So secure your spot now!



Claim your spot now while spots are available.
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